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KDB 5th CD Project
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Posted by SoopaFlyYT on February 18, 2016 at 07:27 AM
Hello all, Ken DeRouchie here. My band and I would like to get into the studio and record our 5th CD for release. In order to take an 8 piece band into the studio, it requires a lot of money for studio time, mixing, mastering, manufacturing, etc. and we don't have a record label to front the money for this process.

I know this is a huge ask but, well, I guess I'm asking for your help. Any amount you can donate will help us get to our goal of being able to get into the studio and record some new music for you.

Our goal is to be in the studio in May of this year and to release the CD by the summer. In order to make this dream happen, we need help and support from the people that believe in our band and our music. Please help us reach our goal.

Click the following link to donate to our GoFundMe CD Fund.

Thank you so very much, this means the world to all of us in The Ken DeRouchie Band.

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